Welcome to Proteinous Feed Industries Ltd. This is a corporate business and service platform for those who like to do something better than the existing he/she has. Proteinous Feed Industries Ltd. is such an initiative that has a long-term and  sustainable goal as well as an irresistible dream to rule the market gradually. We are a Proteinous Team and simultaneously a Proteinous Family. We have nothing much more strong commercial background but have a business oriented professional story which is proven in regarding to make others successful to run a business. The top-level professionals of Proteinous Feed Industries Ltd. are from core step of Sales and Marketing in different industries of domestic and multinational companies keeping a signature of capability since long time. Proteinous Feed Industries Ltd. is one of the rapidest emerging companies and steadily promising to become one of the leading companies in Bangladeshi feed market. The journey of Proteinous Feed Industries Ltd. is not so long, but meanwhile, it has already proved to draw an impactful attention in the feed industry. Currently a total number of 70 above employees are working in this organization. It leads a skilled and capable sales team throughout the country. Besides, a smart HR & Admin team, MIS, accounts, and quality control team are working with integrity and dedication. We believe in making the result twice from half of the smart efforts. We altogether have a dream to climb on the summit of comparative success that chases us always. Proteinous Feed Industries Ltd.  is not just a name rather, a team of some dreamers who want to move forward bringing up the color of red and green in the heart.

Thank you so very much for being with us.


A Best Grade Broiler Feed

Proteinous Broiler Feed

Your Trusted Feed For More Eggs

Proteinous Layer Feed

A Unique Feed For Sonali Birds

Proteinous Sonali Feed

Best House Feed For Market Birds

Proteinous House Feed

A Super Fattening Feed

Proteinous Cattle Meat Feed

ATrusted Milking Feed For Dairy Cattle

Proteinous Cattle Milk Feed

Best Quality Floating Feed

Proteinous Floating Fish Feed

A Popular Sinking Fish Feed

Proteinous Sinking Fish Feed





গরু মোটাতাজা করন খাদ্য
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গরু মোটাতাজা করন খাদ্য

বলিষ্ঠ ষাঁড় ও দুগ্ধজাত গাভী পালনে প্রোটিনাস ফিড'ই সেরা

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গরু মোটাতাজা করন খাদ্য
মাছের ডুবন্ত ফিড
দুগ্ধবতী গাভীর খাদ্য
ব্রয়লার হাউজ ফিড
গরু মোটাতাজা করন খাদ্য


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