Proteinous Feed is such an enterprise that has a long-term sustainable goal and irresistible dream to rule the market gradually. We are the Proteinous Team as well as a family. We have nothing much more strong business background but have a business oriented professional story which is proven in regarding to make others successful to run a business. The top-level professionals of Proteinous Feed are from directly Sales and Marketing profession in different industries of local and multinational companies keeping a signature of capability since long time. Proteinous Feed is one of the rapidest emerging companies and steadily promising to become one of the top companies in Bangladeshi feed market.

The journey of Proteinous Feed is not so long, meanwhile, it has already proved to draw an impactful attention in the feed industry. Currently a total number of 70 above employees are working in this institute. It leads a skilled and capable sales team throughout the country.  Besides, a smart HR & admin team, MIS, accounts, and quality control team are parallelly working with integrity and dedication. Proteinous Feed believes that no dream makes an effort successful rather an effective effort makes a dream successful. We have some young, energetic, dedicated and self motivated challenge takers in our team who love to create a new history. Despite of these, Proteinous Feed has some well-wishers, buddies as well as partners in the feed market.  These core resources are the vital courage, inspiration and a foundation stone of Proteinous Feed.


Proteinous Feed believes in the ideology of transparency and accountability to the team and to the customers. We also acknowledge that no one can concur a battle if he or she has no pre-planned strategy and far-reaching goal.  So, we have set a series of planning and methods to play one after another. We have a rational thirst to ascend the peak of success. The main strength of Proteinous Feed is its dare to dream, honesty, faith, commitment and mutual reliability. We are utmost careful of the customer’s satisfaction through the qualitative products supply. We are committed to operate a modernized smooth policies which will help to extend the periphery of business. Proteinous Feed cherishes a dream to be one of the farmer’s loving brand.


Proteinous Feed produces all types of animal feed in common for the farmers. All items of poultry feed such as Broiler, Sonali and Layer feed (Starter, Grower and Finisher), Cattle Feed (Meat and Dairy) and Fish Feed (Sinking and floating). We manufacture the best quality feed by our skilled and experienced production team and ensure the best service through our dedicated and skilled sales team. We deliver the ordered products within 24-72 hours at anywhere in the country if there is no crisis in general. We want to decrease the shortage of supplying feed to the farmers. One of our objectives is to participate in the battle of reducing protein deficiency alongside the government. This Company always emphasizes on the importance to produce fresh meat for the consumers. We are committed to co-operate the farmers in any reasonable term. Proteinous Feed is so much conscious of damp management as well.