Message of Chairman


Dear all customers, well wishers and team members, accept my greetings. Proteinous Feed innovates some new business policies to achieve the ultimate goal through the assistance of its own parameter. This is a platform by which we can perform some great works such as employment, making entrepreneurs, and root level profitability of business. Proteinous Feed starts its journey for adding a positive change in the shortage of animal feed supply. I think that this platform will be the most attractive due to its some exceptional activities. Proteinous Feed believes in customers’ satisfaction by using a qualityfull brand that we have. We are committed to ensure a trusted feed brand to the customers all over the country by a smart sales team we lead. Nobody certainly knows the upcoming days but I believe that the future time will be on our favor because we have honesty, transparency, and desires to do something better for others. I hope the Proteinous Feed will be one of the significant platform soon in feed industries of Bangladesh. Stay well and healthy.

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Md. Amir Wares, Chairman of Proteinous Feed