A Platform of Upcoming Feed Leaders

Md. Amir Wares


Mr. Wares has obtained MSS degree from the University of Rajshahi and MBA from Stamford University. He started his sales carrier as a Territory Manager in Acme Laboratories. Then, he never looked back. Meanwhile, He played a various roles in different national and multinational companies time to time sitting on a leading position. He is a proven team leader and a many of new markets creator. Among his enriched history of carrier, mentionable roles are DSM of Pran-RFL group, National Sales Manager of Swadesh BD, DGM of Deshbondhu group, DGM of Langliachara Tea State. He is a thinker of new sales policy and administrative ways. He acted as General Manager (Operation) in Pure Feed. He is the Chairman of Proteinous Feed from the birth of this company. He is a high capable person to establish an institute. He is working tirelessly for the development of the company. Proteinous Feed dreams to move forward until the acquiring of designed mission and vision under his talented leadership.

Md. Sumon

Managing Director

Mr. Sumon has received MSS degree in Political Science from the University of Rajshahi. He begins his carrier with a Dhaka based Research Farm as Quality Control Supervisor. He worked with McMaster University in a Spirometry Project of Canadian Govt. Health Division. After two years of a successful journey in research sector, he changed his professional category and joined Abul Khair Group in sales and marketing department as Territory Sales Officer. After that, the path of his sales carrier starts to run faster . He also worked for Kohinoor Chemical BD Ltd, Transsion Bangladesh Ltd as Area Sales Manager. He was a Regional Sales Manager of Payra Consumers Ltd. and also acted as a Senior Sales Manager in Sinthiya Group. Mr. Sumon played a vital role as National Sales Manager in Pure Agro Industries Ltd. He is at present embellishing the chair of Managing Director in Proteinous Feed. He is always a visionary professional in his sales carrier and likes to accept the new challenge to make something significant. He is a highly capable person to form and lead an organized sales team. Proteinous Feed is waiting to experience all the farsighted business agenda making true through his visionary strategy and effective leadership.

Marufa Easmin


Marufa Easmin has accomplished her MBA degree from Eden Mohila College in Management. She started her carrier as an Assistant Teacher of Govt. Primary Education. Later, She joined District Education Office as a first class (9th grade) govt. officer under the Ministry of Education. From her educational period she is a small entrepreneur and involved with the activities of personal and social welfare. She is well-known in her every working station as a benevolent lady officer. Besides her profession, she has been conducting a renowned cement company’s dealership since the beginning of her carrier. Mist. Easmin always tries to contribute herself for others’ goodness through her thinking and activities. She is a practically optimistic personality in all the critical time of professional and commercial. Marufa Easmin is one of the Directors of Proteinous Feed. She has much more intellectual strength to co-operate this organization. Proteinous Feed hopes to pass long way with the directorial decision of Marufa Easmin.

Lucky Zaman


Lucky Zaman has completed her Master degree from Rajshahi College. She started her carrier as a lecturer under NTRCA taking the position of 3rd nationally. She is very talented from the childhood. She is involved in different social works and helpful for the helpless. She always inspires the entrepreneurship and likes to participate in business related profession. She is undoubtedly a prudent personality to run a business in a calculative method. She can affect in the cumulative success of Proteinous Feed by providing her knowledge, labor and dedication. Mist. Zaman is one of the Directors of Proteinous Feed directorial panel. She has much potentiality to serve the company by her talent and works. She dreams to be successful together with Proteinous Family. Proteinous Feed wants to go ahead by the co-operative direction of Lucky Zaman.

Md. Mahbubur Rahman

Deputy Sales Manager

Mr. Mahbub gained his Bsc degree from Rajshahi College. After receiving the certificate he joined Novo Healthcare and Pharma Ltd. as Medical Promotion Officer. He changed his position soon as Field Manager by jumping to Novelta Bestway Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Then his career started to uplift rapidly. He switched once again to Asta Biopharmaceuticals Ltd taking the charge of Assistant Regional Sales Manager. As he is a thirsty position seeker, Mr. Mahbub joined Benham Pharmaceuticals Ltd. owning the post of Senior Regional Sales Manager. Now he is working with the team of Proteinous Feed and one of the most potential challenge takers in this company. Currently he is a Deputy Sales Manager of Proteinous Feed. This Company is looking forward to welcoming the cumulative success of the Proteinous Family.

Shawkat Fakir

Deputy Sales Manager

Mr. Shawkat Fakir achieved his Master degree from national university. He has passed more 15 years of working experiences in sales and marketing. He worked for Orascom Telecom as Project Manager. Then he worked in different industries in managerial role. He also worked in 4P pharma as Regional Sales Manager. He has played a dynamic role during his sales professions. Mr. Shawkat is also a visionary entrepreneur. He has a extreme hunger to be successful in carrier. Proteinous Feed expects a long journey till the end of its challenging path with him in the leading role.