To establish Proteinous Feed Industries Ltd. as a popular brand in feed sector is our primary mission. We do not want to get stuck only in this single aim, we are going forward to prepare ourselves as a well-known business group in the country. Proteinous Feed Industries Ltd. is looking for some ways to find out the standard business competition where quantity is less countable than quality, reputation is more focusing corner than earning profit. We want to create new entrepreneurs in local business, simultaneously to participate in the war of the unemployment problem of the government by creating new employment for the unemployed youth is another dream. For that ultimate target, Proteinous Feed Industries Ltd. is working incessantly to expose as a significant group of companies in Bangladesh.

Proteinous Feed Industries Ltd. is tightly hopeful being a remarkable brand in the feed market within 2024 ad by creating dealers, entrepreneurs and engaging the farmers with us all over the country. Our subsequent plan is to initiate the manufacturing and marketing of Proteinous Dairy, Proteinous Distribution, Proteinous Fertilizer, Proteinous Seeds, Proteinous Trading, Proteinous Farming, Proteinous Agro Medicine, Proteinous Harvesting, Proteinous Electric and Electronics and Proteinous Welfare Centre (non-profitable organization) gradually with a view to establish a group of company by next five to seven years Insha Allah. By next ten years, we could be able to generate a huge scope of labor and employment by recruiting the thousands of unemployed youths of Bangladesh. We are highly desirous of the collective welfare of the people in a large scale through our visionary action-plan. Proteinous Feed Industries Ltd. extremely expects to accomplish its profound vision within the planned timeline by the ultimate grace of Allah